Monday, February 05, 2007

Time Out

Greetings, loyal readers.

Alas, work has grown to such an extent that I have been unable to post for the last few weeks.

Fear not. I will be reviewing something atrocious before you can blink...or rather, before you really start to stop caring about not caring.

Until then, enjoy some sweet jazz, some sweeter Jack Bauer, and a few quickie reviews.

"Pan's Labyrinth" - Not at all related to David Bowie's "Labyrinth," which involved a lot of crotch-hugging pants and song. This movie is magical and terrifying. Not for kids, nor girlfriends with squeamish tendencies. I highly recommend anyone with a fantasy bone go into it, and if you just like a well told story come on by as well. One of my favorite films this year.

"Flyboys" - World War I is the oft forgotten "war to end all wars." In this cookie-cutter war movie, James Franco plays a Texas rancher who gets on the wrong side of the law when the Taxman (one of Batman's greatest nemesi) takes the family farm. He flits away to France ( one will ever know. I'm guessing it was pretty easy to cross the Atlantic into France, what with that whole Unrestricted Submarine Warfare happening and all) and joined the Lafayette air wing, a group of crazy American pilots. As you can imagine, there is a bad ass veteran, a man too scared to fly, the rich boy and the token black character...they even work in a love interest. This movie is as predictable as it is enjoyable. Go ahead. One sinful glimpse won't kill ya.

"Species II" - Under no circumstances should anyone see this. If you thought they blew it the first time, just imagine how horribly the filmmakers of this flop worked to ruin the carreers of several up and comers. Michael Madsen reprises his role as the same shmuck from the last film who doesn't know when to quit. The only good thing in this movie (besides the end credits) is Mykelti Williamson (Gump from "Forrest Gump"). But even his wry humor and ability to act can't save this epic waste of time.

"Spirited Away" - Anime is not for everyone. If you are part of the stonehearted group that truly hates the cel shade and ink shmear, turn away. For the rest of you, this movie is fantastic. I can't recommend it strongly enough. This is a work of art that comes to life and brings you along for the ride. If you have never seen Japanime before, make this your first (or "Akira").

That's all for now. I hope to be back soon with a real post.

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Anonymous said...

Gump from Forrest Gump is Sally Fields or Tom Hanks. Do you mean Bubba? You stupid non-shrimp-eating Jew. (that was my big insult...stings, doesn't it? Like evil jellyfish tentacles!)

By the way, "Labyrinth" is actually about David Bowie's genitalia. The crew at Henson films had to figure out some way to feature Bowie in tight pants, so they created a storyline around the spandex. True story.