Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Buck Wild: Johnny Dangerously

Michael Keaton...what can be said about this man?

Scholar? No.

Sex symbol? I'd prefer not to think that.

Symbiotic alien from a far off planet? Ok, now we're way off the mark.

Best damn Batman ever? I think we've found our winner.

One thing that most people never realize, however, is that this actor has a fine history of comedy under his belt.

"Multiplicity"...I mean...well...I guess that blew a bit.

In fact, Keaton is one of those actors you really only believe in certain roles. He is too goofy for the really serious roles (Desperate Measures anyone?) but too good for straight goofball antics (see above).

So where can he be funny and still retain his charm? In the generally unknown "Johnny Dangerously."

Take any Cagney gangster film you've ever seen. Now add a dash of "Goodfellas" and some "Godfather" (moment of silent awe for the passage of the trilogy) and you have one of the funniest spoofs I've ever seen.

Johnny Kelly (Keaton) is a poor boy growing up during the depression. His mother is constantly sick, and his brother needs to be protected from the mean streets. When the opportunity for fast cash appears, Johnny has no choice but to enter the world of organized crime.

Johnny gives himself the nickname "Johnny Dangerously" and becomes a made man before men were made. He is a heart-throb with too much make-up and plays with his hat in every scene. His wordplay is on par with any Marx brother, and his facial expression is on the spot every time.

What makes this movie great is the fact that others have tried the same concept and failed. Remember "Mafia"? I know, I wish I hadn't brought that up either.

As a big fan of mafioso-type movies, I was surprised I had never come across this gem before. My friend (let's call him Eli) introduced me to the quaint and unforgettable epic.

Eli, I am in your debt.

As for a ranking, I really should come forward and say that I have no idea how to make an accurate rating system, considering my idea of a good rating involves some mentioning of Kate Beckinsale.

I guess I'm gonna give this one a nice, heaping spoonful of "what-a-nice-film".

Too weak?

What if I called it G-E-W-D?

How about having Kate Beckinsale sit on your lap whislt you root on the Cowboys bringing home the Superbowl in double overtime?

Sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you only just saw that movie. Go see an old Tom Hanks movie now....Money Pit, I recommend.

Anonymous said...

dude i love this movie!!
nice review.. :-)

Anonymous said...

dude i love this movie!!
nice review.. :-)

Jarman said...

My mother said that to me once... once!